Child Asks For More 'Likes' On YouTube - And Gets 90,000!

Want to get people to 'Like' you on YouTube? It's easy: just ask. That's what a boy called C. Jackson did (aka 'Sir Fedora') when he posted a clip bemoaning that he had just one 'Like' to his name.

In a very funny message, he pleaded: "Can we hit the three to five likes? If we could get three to five that would be a-ma-zing! That'd send me through the roof."

Oh and how users responded. Before his very eyes, the young man's 'Likes' soared to 10, then 20, then 100, then 1,000 – and at the last count, they have just crested 90,000 'Likes'.

An internet star is born – and it's all thanks to users of Reddit.

'Sir Fedora's' surge to internet star status began when he earlier posted a video heralding the fact that he'd amassed one solitary 'Like' on one of his videos.

His post begins: "I can't believe we got the one like, now I'm going to ask for something big."

So Reddit user 'Dragonboltz' thought it would be a good idea to give Jackson a helping hand. He posted: "Incredibly enthusiastic, weird kid makes a video getting 1 YouTube like. Would be funny to get him a few subs(criptions) and see his reaction."

Unfortunately, with fame comes the inevitable backlash – for alongside Mr Jackson's 91,000-plus 'Likes' and 733,000 views, there are also 1,600 users who gave him the thumbs down.

Ah well, you can't please everybody!