06/02/2014 03:08 GMT | Updated 08/02/2014 16:59 GMT

'Flappy Bird' Makes $50K Per Day In Advertising Revenue

UPDATE: Flappy Bird Creator To Pull Game As He 'Can't Take This Anymore'

Latest indie gaming hit 'Flappy Bird' is not only terrible, it is also free. As such you might not expect that it would earn its troubled creator all that much money, despite its massive success.

You would be wrong.

In a new interview with The Verge, Dong Ngyuen revealed the following incredible facts about the game:

  • It has been downloaded 50 million times
  • It has 47,000 reviews in the App Store (as many as Gmail)
  • It's earning50,000 per day in ad revenue
  • It took only 2 days to make

"The reason Flappy Bird is so popular is that it happens to be something different from mobile games today, and is a really good game to compete against each other," Nguyen told the website.

"People in the same classroom can play and compete easily because [Flappy Bird] is simple to learn, but you need skill to get a high score."