06/02/2014 06:32 GMT | Updated 06/02/2014 06:59 GMT

Portland Police Create New Contender For World's Worst E-Fit (PICTURES)

Police have created a new contender for the world's worst e-fit.

Authorities in Portland, Oregon, have a sketch of a man who has allegedly exposed himself to women and children on the streets for the past month.

But something terrifying is going on with the bottom half of his face.

Either he is infected with something out of Resident Evil, or he is munching on some intestines, we're not sure.

Tweets highlighted that people would love to help the police find the suspect, but focused on the artist's arresting touches.

One user added: "He has the worst cold sores I've ever seen."

According to the Portland Oregonian, police said that it "could be a bandana or his boxer shorts.

"Descriptions vary."

The police sketch is not the first to be ridiculed.

Incredibly, an arrest was made after a patrolman claimed he recognised this man from his utterly crap cartoon-like depiction in this sketch.

Glenn Rundles was tracked down and arrested with the use of this questionable police sketch

Similarly, when this sketch of a Bolivian murder suspect was issued in 2009, it became an internet sensation, with bloggers declaring it the worst e-fit of all time.

But the police in Bolivia had the last laugh, as the drawing led to the arrest of two suspects.