07/02/2014 04:00 GMT | Updated 10/02/2014 12:59 GMT

Is It Ever Okay To Poo In Front Of Your Partner? (POLL)

Nicole S. Young via Getty Images

Poo: the final frontier when it comes to relationships.

It's an area that is still quite taboo (many were horrified we posed the question) and also something people feel quite strongly about.

A sample of responses from our Facebook users included: "Noooooo!", "No" and "No, no and never!".

Seriously though, while the majority of responses was no, others had more relaxed points of view. Sheena Hatton and Steve Plant both say that an extenuating circumstance would be if you're having a baby.

HuffPost UK blogger Nicola Six who writes about dating, said: "I'd say never, unless large amounts of money and a five star hotel are involved. Every girl should be aware that there are men with very niche interests out there..."

Some more of the responses:


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HuffPost UK blogger and relationship columnist for The Gay Times, The Guyliner, said: "Going to the toilet in front of your partner could perhaps be interpreted as a sign you're utterly comfortable with each other, that your love is so complete, there are no boundaries.But why would anyone want to do this? Why admit there is nothing left to discover about each other? That you know it all? If you have seen or listened to your other half straining on the loo, where do you go from there?

"I think it's best left to scat enthusiasts and people who want to make their partner aware in no uncertain terms that there is nowhere to go in this relationship, and it might be time to get out now. Taking a dump, getting dumped – why not combine the two?"

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In defence of openness (and we have to say they do have a point), there were Facebook followers who weren't against it.

John Higham said: "If you can't be completely yourself, how can you hope to have a long lasting relationship. If you were ill and needed help to go to the loo, what then? Intimacy is more than a cuddle."

He was backed up by Helles Belles who added: "Coupledom in old age may present some serious challenges to anyone who can't countenance getting their head round something so trivial - jeez."