Danny Alexander Photo Used In Phone Lottery Scam

Of course not - but the chap who perpetrated the aforementioned crime did send a photo of the Lib Dem Chief Secretary to the Treasury in an attempt to authenticate his identity.

Francis Rains from Kentucky received a phone call in September informing her she had won the lottery, a cool $2.5m (£1.53m) and a brand new Mercedes-Benz.

It could be you

A few days later the same man phoned again to say she would have to pay some money up front to cover costs.

To prove he was legit he messaged Rains a photo of himself - only it was actually Mr Alexander.

Rains believed him and sent an unspecified amount of money only to find out later it was all a scam.

Rains' disappointment may only be matched by Alexander's realisation that criminals feel confident enough to use him as an example of a friendly-looking Brit that no one outside of the UK has ever heard of.

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