Forget Neknominate, Coppafeel! Want Us To Check Our Breasts Using #CHEKNOMINATE

In response to Neknominate - the Facebook drinking game, where participants down concoctions of alcohol and challenge someone else (via social media) to compete - breast cancer awareness charity Coppafeel! have devised their own version: #Cheknominate

The charity's idea is "save lives, not risk them". A powerful message following the death of two adults who reportedly took the Neknominate challenge moments before they passed away.

The video below, which is circulating on social media, was filmed by Coppafeel! founder Kris Hallenga. A breast cancer survivor herself, the clip shows Kris checking her breasts for symptoms and urges others to do the same - "Check your crumpets."

Let's get this trending shall we?