Twitter Testing Massive Redesign With New Focus On Pictures

Twitter may be about to launch a huge redesign of its site, which places a much stronger focus on pictures and video.

Mashable reported that the site was currently running an A/B test for a limited number of users, to test out the new design.

The principle differences include a new and bigger bio/picture on the left of the page, a larger header and tweets placed in 'blocks' rather than a straightforward list.

The design is just for profile pages as far as Mashable can tell, not the main Twitter feed.

But also new is a new "Photos/Videos" link, which lets users cut straight to your visual content. It also gives all users features currently reserved for Verified accounts, such as restricting whose @replies you see.

It's not clear if this design is intended for a wider rollout any time soon.

Mashable added the new pictures have a recommended size of 1500 x 500 pixels, up from 1252 and 626 in the current design.

Twitter has not commented on the new design, though it would be surprising if it was looking to shake things up. Its first post-IPO earnings report was a disappointment, with slower growth in users than was hoped.