12/02/2014 23:58 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

VIDEO: Simon Cowell Is Unprepared For Fatherhood, Says Amanda Holden

Simon Cowell is used to dishing out judgment, but in his new role as an expectant father, he's been the one on the receiving end of judgment from his fellow Britain's Got Talent panelists.

At the show's open auditions in London, Amanda Holden spoke about how unprepared Simon is for the arrival of his son, who is due any day now.

"He's got very strong plans about what he's going to be doing and where he's going to be going," the BGT presenter said. "And I keep saying that's not going to work out because babies aren't as portable as you think in the beginning."

Amanda revealed that she's been advising Simon to: "Just be prepared for how much he's going to love the baby," as she thinks the emotion will "knock him for six."

However, despite her concerns, Amanda believes Simon will be an 'amazing dad' based on how he interacts with children on BGT - she says he speaks to them like adults and is the least patronising of all the judges.

Watch the video above to hear more of Amanda's thoughts on Simon, and some of her highlights from this year's BGT so far - including the moment David Walliams saved Simon's life!

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