13/02/2014 10:23 GMT | Updated 13/02/2014 10:59 GMT

Father-To-Be David Bastin Arrested For Smoking Cannabis In Delivery Room

Martin County Jail
David Bastin was charged with possession of cannabis under 20g and drug paraphernalia

A man has been arrested after he was discovered smoking cannabis in a hospital delivery unit as his partner prepared to give birth.

David Bastin was anxiously awaiting the arrival of his firstborn when a nurse at the Martin Medical Centre in Stuart, Florida, noticed a strange odour, KRMG reports.

Officers were called and according to a police report published on TC Palm, the 28-year-old was asked to “make this simple and hand me the cannabis.”

The 4 February report reads: “The defendant reached in his right pocket and handed Officer Cernuto a black oblong device that the defendant called a vaporizer.

“Officer Cernuto opened the device and there was a green leafy substance that I know from my training and experience to be raw cannabis.”

Bastin was booked and charged with possession of cannabis under 20g and drug paraphernalia.

He missed the birth.