One-Handed Zip Invented - But What Took So Long?

The one-handed zip has been invented. Finally.

Zippers were invented in 1893, and first presented at the Chicago World's Fair, but have remained pretty much the same ever since.

No longer. The new zip, which will appear on Under Armour garments from November according to the Daily Mail, uses magnets to draw the two halves of the zip together.

Once clasped it's then possible to draw up the zip with one hand, leaving the other free to do sort-of-aggressive things involving sports, probably.

Scott Peters, who invented the new type of zip, said that he was inspired to work on it after his uncle developed a muscle condition which made it difficult to do up his own clothing.

But in an interview with Co Design Peters explained that the invention took more than a flash of inspiration and a couple of magnets.

"Magnets in and of themselves won’t work. They’ll drive components together, but you have issues of alignment, issues of holding things together without popping out--and pulling them apart can be a nightmare," Peters said.

"We had to figure out the combination of mechanical design so it self-aligns and easily locks itself in place, enabling you to zip with one hand."

Check out the amazing zip and how it works above, and read more at Fast Co.Design.

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