'Twitch Plays Pokemon' Takes The Web By Storm

More than 13 million people have come together on the internet to try and - collectively - become the very best, like no one ever was.

A massive collaborative game of Pokemon has taken the web by storm after it was launched the social gaming video site Twitch.

The 'aggregate' gaming system lets players can collectively make decisions in the Game Boy version of Pokemon Red and/or Blue, by typing into the game comments.

Anyone can watch and participate and see their decisions played out on screen - if the majority agrees.

Above: the game plays out on the left, with comments on the right

There are limitations, though. You can only make one command at a time and the chat box recognises only the D-pad keys, A, B, Start and Select.

There is also the limitation that people online are horrible. Currently thousands of players are typing 'A' constantly in an apparent attempt to release all of the player's Pokemon. Mean.

There are currently 33,000 players taking part in the game, while more than five million have watched or participated since it launched.

The game has already run for more than four days, and the last time we checked Ash was just wandering aimlessly around a shop doing nothing.

Perhaps it isn't possible for more than 30,000 people to be the Best? Or maybe Ash will eventually leave the shop and carry on collecting monsters for no very good reason? Time will surely tell.