Labour MP Urges Coalition To Stop Backing 'Sex Industry Recruitment'

i love images via Getty Images

Ministers have come under pressure to stop helping young people work in strip clubs and porn film sets as the government offers £2,275 for every full-time job provided to an 18 to 24-year old.

Those looking to take on young unemployed people for jobs like working behind the bar in a strip club, or on a porn film set but not as a performer behind the camera, can be eligible for a £2,275 "wage incentive" under the government's "Youth Contract".

However, according to official guidance from Iain Duncan Smith's Department for Work and Pensions, employers who wanted to hire young people as full-time strippograms, topless maids, mud wrestlers or "cat fighters", would not get a £2,275 wage subsidy.

Employers can get government help if they are trying to get young people working as web-cam operators, glamour photographers and as door staff and bar staff in massage parlours and saunas.

Labour MP Fiona Mactaggart said: “Parents don’t want their daughters ­working in these ­environments. Taxpayers should not subsidise teens into this kind of work.

She told the Sun: "I do not think parents would welcome this Government-sponsored recruitment into the sex industry.”

A DWP spokesperson said the businesses were legal and the government would not "moralise", telling the Huffington Post UK: “This Government took action to ensure jobs in the adult industry which might exploit jobseekers were not advertised through Jobcentre Plus.

“We also ensured that to be eligible for our schemes jobs must not exploit vulnerable jobseekers”.