Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie In Amusing Twitter Exchange About Meeting The Queen

Amidst all the glitter and gongs of this year's BAFTA Awards, here are just two British treasures having fun about another British treasure, on Twitter...

Hugh Laurie started it, with his report of meeting the Queen at a special BAFTA gala:

I've had my anti-monarchist periods in the past, but I admit I was bowled over by the Queen. She is a very bright light.

His old sparring partner Stephen Fry, who hosted the BAFTA Awards on Sunday night, was quick to chime back in:

@hughlaurie I think you brought out the best in her, M’coll. Especially when you licked her neck.

And, finally, with the perfect timing of old, Mr Laurie provided the punchline:

@stephenfry Embarrassing, isn't it? One glass of champagne and suddenly I can't tell the difference between a stamp and the real thing.

Enough to make you wish they were back on the telly together.

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