19/02/2014 09:06 GMT | Updated 19/02/2014 09:59 GMT

Ragnarok: It's The End Of The World On Saturday, According to Viking Apocalypse Myth

Cancel your plans for this Saturday, the end is nigh.

We survived an asteroid that was hurtling towards Earth, the Mayan apocalypse and Y2K, but now, it's the end of the world – again.

According to Norse mythology, February 22 will see the Earth split open and unleash the inhabitants of Hel.

Ragnarok is the final predicted battle on earth, when the Norse gods Thor, Loki, Odin, Freyr, Hermóðr, will fight to the death.

The wolf Fenrir is also set to break out of his prison, the snake Jormungand will rise out of the sea, ice giants and the dragon of the underworld will come out and the dead heroes of Valhalla will descend from heaven to fight them.

The Earth will then fall into the sea, and life as we know it will cease to be.

Luckily, the world will then be restored and will be inhabited by the surviving gods and just two human survivors - with the Earth sinking into the sea and paving the way for a new utopian land with endless supplies.

Ragnarok, which is literally translated to mean ‘Fate or Twilight of the Gods’ or ‘Final Destiny of the Gods’ is based on a 13th century poem written by Snorri Sturluson.

The Vikings believe Ragnarok occurs after three freezing winters, with no summers in between. Flooding is not mentioned.

Modern day Viking warriors have already begun preparing for Ragnarok by converging at York to celebrate the JORVIK festival.

If you would like to watch your impending doom, a countdown is now running on the festival website.