Terreform ONE Brooklyn New York Project Is An Incredible Vision Of The Near Future

This is one man's vision of Brooklyn, New York a century from now...

Have a look at the Terreform ONE project. Founded by Mitchell Joachim it advocates '"biological architecture" to solve the problems of pollution and over-crowding in the cities of the future.

At first glance it may just look like the fevered imagination of a Hollywood set designer but dig a little deeper and it contains some fantastic innovations.

Take the 'Squid Bus'...

Giant blimps that scoop up passengers and ferry them around the city at a leisurely 15mph without blocking traffic on the road below.

Regular cars also get a radical redesign. So-called 'Soft Cars' powered by solar powered fuel stations will operate on a network and talk to each other, behaving like animals in a herd.

"Phase 2020, signals a transition period, where car lanes are narrowed, pedestrian zones are widened, bicycle bollards are introduced with new car technology and gentle congestion.

"Already in Phase 2020, we are suggesting the placement of environmental 'smart dots,' or green modules that filter rainfall, greywater, and at the same time, slow down traffic separating smoothly walking zones, bicycles and transportation zones.

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Terreform: Visions Of Future Brooklyn

"Phase 2028 is the future embodied in 'pixelated' surfaces, gradient green zones, and living self-sufficient machines that provide their own energy, generating electricity through air movement.

"In the future, giant benevolent air-cleansing blimps dangle tentacles to collide spongy seats in a playful catch-and-release plan for people moving about town.

"All life is enveloped in a sentient ecology of street, mobile systems, and people."

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