'EastEnders' Dirty Den Shot 25-Years-Ago Today (VIDEO)

Dirty Den, arguably 'EastEnders'most mischief-making ever character, was killed (for the first time) 25 years ago on Sunday.

Yes, it's been a whole quarter of a century since Leslie Grantham's iconic soap character was shot in one of the most memorable 'duff duff' moments in 'EastEnders' history.

Dirty Den

Scheming Den was shot through a bunch of daffodils on 23 February 1989, four years after he first turned up in Walford.

Following a final kiss with Michelle, Den came face to face with a member of criminal gang The Firm who reached into his jacket pocket for what Den believed to be a gun.

Den turned around and walked towards what he thought was an innocent-looking couple, only to be faced with a nasty surprise.

WATCH the moment he met his demise above.

Of course, as any 'EastEnders' fan will know - the splash of Den's body falling into the canal was not to be the last of him.

In 2003, Den's son Dennis - who also had involvement with The Firm - did some digging and found Den was not actually dead.

He tracked him down living in Spain and a whole new Dirty Den chapter began. But was it as good as the first time around? Let us know in the comments below.

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