Chalk Protest Student Fined


A UCL student has been fined £1010 for chalk protest on Senate House, which houses the offices of the University's Vice Chancellor.

The student was arrested following her protest, which consisted of her writing "sick pay, holidays, pensions now" in chalk on a University foundation stone, and charged with causing damage in excess of £600. She denied this charge, along with another charge of assaulting one officer inside the University of London Union and another just outside.

ULU released a statement at the time condemning the arrest, branding it "a disgrace". The same statement said: "Chalk can be washed off - that is the whole point of chalk."

The arrest was captured in a video, which has amassed more than 21,000 views.

The student represented herself at the preliminary hearing at Highbury Corner Magistrates' Court following the arrest, claiming that her legal aid had not come through in time for the hearing.

James Pestell, Director of Marketing and External Relations at the University of London said that it would be "inappropriate for him or the University to comment" on the issue, as it was a "matter for the courts".

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