'EastEnders' Spoiler: Sharon Forces Ronnie To Confess To Killing Carl? (PICTURES)

Ronnie Mitchell is forced to face the music as she returns to 'EastEnders' after murdering her sister Roxy's boyfriend Carl White.

Sharon Rickman is furious that Ronnie turns up in Albert Square calmly announcing she's bought the gym, when Sharon knows she's killed a man.

Sharon considers reporting her to the police and the two women have a showdown.

Ronnie Mitchell and Roxy

Sharon knows of Ronnie's crime after Phil found Carl's blood-stained mobile phone in his house. Ronnie left the incriminating evidence there shortly before she jetted off to Ibiza with sister Roxy.

In scenes set to air on Tuesday 4 March and 6 March, Roxy becomes suspicious about Ronnie and Phil's hushed conversations.

After the police arrive outside the Mitchell house it looks like Ronnie - who was previously in jail for kidnapping Kat and Alfie's baby - is heading straight back to the pen.

Jo Joyner

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