This Is What 100,000 Asteroids Look Like As They Orbit The Sun (VIDEO)

This is our Solar System. Those things flying around it are asteroids.

And yes, you should be scared.

This new animation is the work of a group of astronomers led by Alex Parker, using data from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, which shows the path of 100,000 asteroids as they rotate around the sun.

The video is not 100% accurate - the main Trojan and Asteroid Belt rocks are shown with precise orbits, but we do not track anywhere near enough individual asteroids to make a one-to-one equivalent.

Instead the team extrapolated out data from information about asteroid families with more than 100 members, including their relative size.

It's an amazing visualisation of the true scale - and, from the right perspective - beauty of the asteroids in our solar system. Let's just hope we figure out how to accurately track the dangerous ones before it's too late.

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