Proceed With Caution: Student Guide To Tinder

Dean Belcher via Getty Images

The mobile dating phenomenon that is Tinder has revolutionised dating, making it possible to view eligible partners within a certain distance. It is convenient, easy to use and amusingly voyeuristic.

However, with the good comes the bad. For every eligible bachelor that appears on your screen he is juxtaposed against ten strangers who look as though they belong in prison, not on a university campus. It is essential to equip yourself with certain skills if you are preparing yourself to wade into the murky world of Tinder dating, particularly whilst at university.


Before you have even begun your tiresome hour of swiping right, it is integral to perfect the settings. Set the age range to something appropriate to your taste: if you're searching for an older guy, that's fine but if that's not your thing you do not want to spend the next few hours looking at the profiles of lecturers and the head librarian.

Slightly out of the desired age range


If you're sitting in the library, slap bang in the middle of campus, set the radius to 2km. That way you will mostly come across fellow students, allowing you to look at the profiles of people you may actually come into contact with. Always longed to talk to that beautiful stranger that has driven you to distraction for the last 2 years in lectures? This may be your chance to talk to them and break the ice...

You could find your seminar crush


It may seem hilarious to swipe left and like all of the rather tragic individuals who inhabit the Tinder app, but you are simply setting yourself up for some awkward conversation starters. Save yourself some time and stick to being realistic: only swipe those who you would actually date and it will be make it easier to actually find someone.

Insulting and a waste of time


'Looking for a bodacious babe to go on jogs and have fun times with' may sound cool in your head (I doubt how it could, but you never know) but it will simply fuel the laughter of those viewing your profile and depict you as a slight weirdo. Stick to no caption, or a short introduction about yourself and what you do. Do not give too much away though: draw the line at degree discipline.

Very offputting


If you have made a wonderful impression and bagged yourself a date, make sure that you do not put yourself in anger danger. This may sound extreme but there are some rather terrifying horror stories out there relating to Tinder dates. Always meet in a public place, preferably on campus or within reach of your housemates. NEVER arrange to meet someone at their home: this is a recipe for disaster and is effectively a booty call. If that's what you're after that's cool, just make sure you know they are not a lunatic before you enter their abode.