Moon Meteor Strike Visible From Earth (VIDEO)

A massive meteor which struck the Moon at more than 37,500 miles-per-hour was caught on video.

The asteroid hit the Moon back in September, created a flash on its surface that would have been as bright as the North Star Polaris to anyone watching from Earth.

The boulder-sized, 880lbs rock created a crater 131-feet-wide on the surface, with the strength of 15 tons of TNT - though had it hit Earth it's likely it would have mostly burned up in the atmosphere.

The spot glowed on the surface for more than 8 seconds, making it the longest one ever observed.

"Our telescopes will continue observing the moon as our meteor cameras monitor the Earth's atmosphere," Jose Madiedo, a professor at the University of Huelva who recorded the flash, said in a statement.

"In this way we expect to identify clusters of rocks that could give rise to common impact events on both planetary bodies. We also want to find out where the impacting bodies come from."

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