Boot Camp Diet Means Eating Well, Without Thinking Or Suffering

Ok, so it's February, the New Year's resolutions long since slipped back through the door, the rain still hitting the pavement, the yearning for a salad and perhaps some running… non-existent.

If, like me, the self-discipline required to re-sculpt the culinary proportions of your fridge, let alone the figure in the mirror, is currently escaping you, this Diet to your Door might be just the ticket. Because it means you don't have to do any of the thinking, just the eating, and it doesn't taste at all bad.

Boot Camp Diet have come up with a box containing enough food to feed you COMPLETELY (no cheating required) for a fortnight, comprised of breakfast, lunch AND snacks. It all turns up looking like a lovely rural picnic, but is actually in vacuum-packed containers that can go straight in the freezer until required.

So much nutritional goodness in one small box...

You can choose from a Weight Loss hamper (1200 or 1500 calories/day) or Weight Maintenance (1500 or 1800, that last one might be meant for men, but whatever suits). Both regimes contain equally tasty dishes.

You choose your own combinations from a menu that includes, for lunches, a variety of tasty soups, risotto, ragu and light curries, and for dinners including pasta, more curry and even a cassoulet for the adventurous. Breakfasts are mueslis, crunches and porridges of different types. The gingerbread porridge was my favourite.

You can mix it up a lot, as there are nearly a dozen different dishes on offer for each meal-time or, if you're like me and an onion-phobe, opt to play safe. The pea and leek soup is excellent, which is just as well, I had it four times in all.

And that's it. Then you just eat like a normal person. Out of little pots and airport dishes for a fortnight. And feel virtuous.

You also feel like a bit of a lemming as you head to the fridge for an identical box for the umpteenth time but, by the time it's on your plate, it looks like something you could have cooked it yourself (if you're Jamie Oliver), and it's guilt- free.

Obviously, any grown up person SHOULD be able to do all of this themselves, and at £85 a week for the trial box, it's not exactly bargain bucket but, let's be honest, how many of us dip into a fair chunk of that kind of change just with our weekly supermarket sweep, let alone a few secret trips for a coffee mocha of an afternoon?

As for cooking wholesome fare ourselves, well, there's always March for that...

Boot Camp Diet offers Weight Loss and Weight Maintenance programmes, costing from £85 a week for a trial box. Click here for more information.