01/03/2014 16:45 GMT | Updated 02/03/2014 07:59 GMT

Newcastle Manager Alan Pardew 'Headbutts' Hull City's David Meyler (VIDEO)

Newcastle manager Alan Pardew will face the wrath of the FA after 'head-butting' Hull City midfielder David Meyler during his side's 4-1 win.

The referee at the KC Stadium ordered the manager back to the stand after the incident, just 18 minutes from full time. Meyler was given a yellow card.

In a statement posted on the club's website, Pardew said: "Apart from myself, everyone in the squad was brilliant today.

"Everyone has got nine out of ten, except me. The incident involving myself is not good enough.

"I'm the Newcastle United manager and I would like to apologise to all our fans for my conduct.

"It was wrong and is a wake-up call for me to go and sit down and have a think.

"I did not mean any damage to the guy but I have moved my head forward. I tried to push him away with my head but I should not have done that.

"I apologise to everyone. I should not have got involved in it."

The FA chairman, Greg Dyke, told reporters: "I've only just seen the clip and clearly it looks serious and we will investigate it."

Pardew is believed to have objected to Meyler's gesture that he move aside while the player took a throw-in, with Meyler running at him and pushing past, touching him on the arm.

The video clip of the incident sparked huge debate on social media:

Hull manager Steve Bruce told reporters: "I think Alan knows he's been stupid and apologised. In the heat of the game we all do silly things and I think he regrets it. It's a game of football with emotions.

"We've accepted his apology and moved on. I'm pleased with David Meyler's reaction, too. If he'd rolled around on the floor it could have been a much bigger incident."