03/03/2014 06:55 GMT | Updated 03/03/2014 07:59 GMT

'Babes Behind Bars' May Be Sexist, But It Shows That Beauty Really Is Only Skin Deep

Criminals aren't (all) hobgoblins with dirty fingernails, bad hair and shifty eyes - and proof that we place so much importance on a person's looks are evident in our own reactions to these 'attractive' mugshots.

So tell us what your reaction is in the comments below - would you expect these people to filch your purse/commit GBH?

We were ready to fire off a feminist rant about it, but now we're unsure as to whether this isn't actually a backhanded aid to the debate around body image.

Think about it: surely this proves that beauty really is only skin deep, and looking pretty or handsome doesn't automatically sign you up to have a good personality? Or not.

In any case, take a look to see what we're talking about. And, in the interests of equality, we've included some guys in there too...

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