03/03/2014 05:56 GMT | Updated 03/03/2014 06:01 GMT

'ShareRoller' Can Make Any Boris Bike Into An Electric Scooter (VIDEO)

A Kickstarter has just launched for a small, rechargeable box which turns any Boris Bike into an electric scooter.

The 'ShareRoller' can be attached to the front of any share bike to drive the wheels, without the user needing to peddle.

The box uses a unique method of hooking up to the bike, and uses a roller to transmit power from the motor inside the box, to the wheel.

The rider controls the box with a built-in throttle, which you can slip out of the case and attach to the handle.

"It may sound complex," its makers admit. "But the whole process literally takes less than 10 seconds. And it's just as fast and easy to remove it when you've arrived at your destination (which you will do rather more quickly than before!)."


The box weighs about 7lbs, which is enough to carry with an included handle, and chargers via USB.

It claims to drive a Boris Bike at up to 18MPH, for 12 miles on a standard charge, with about two hours needed to recharge the battery.

If funded on Kickstarter - it's looking for $100,000 but so far has just over $10,000 - it could be on sale to the public as soon as August.

Alas, there is a downside. Current legislation in the UK means taht the ShareRoller will have speed limitations built in, meaning we won't be able to travel as fast as 18MPH (which may - if you're a pedestrian - be a good thing).

Over here electric bikes are limited to a speed of 15MPH, and a power output of 200W.