04/03/2014 06:59 GMT | Updated 04/03/2014 07:59 GMT

Cat 'Attacks Man' Because It Really Didn't Like His Aftershave

A man was left needing hospital treatment after he was attacked by a neighbour's cat, because it hated his aftershave.

Ian Olver, 44, who was given the Hugo Boss Bottled Night fragrance by his wife Hayley as a Christmas present, splashed on the scent and went to see his neighbours.

Little did he know how offensive his new gift would be to one delicate moggie.


Blue the cat has a phobia of pungent aromas – his owners have revealed – and as a result of the Hugo Boss perfume, the normally-placid puss leapt up at Ian and began clawing at his neck and ears.


Blue the cat hates strong scents

He managed to fight off the crazed animal but was left with a three inch gash to the back of his head which required a trip to the hospital to get the wound glued together and a tetanus injection.

Father-of-two Ian, of Plymouth, Devon, said he thought it was "a nice smell" - but "obviously the cat didn't agree," he added.

cat attack


"As soon as I was inside the cat leapt up off table and landed on the back of my head," he said.

"I managed to fling it off but it jumped up to have another go. This time I managed to knock it away with my shoulder.

"It was only then that I touched the back of my head and saw my hand was covered in blood.

cat attack

Ian with his ill-fated present

Blue's owners said he has never attacked anyone before but that he does react strangely to odours.

Lorraine Bawden said she normally has to ask guests what deodorant they've got on.

"If we buy any new perfumes or aftershaves I normally spray them on a card to see if he likes them," she said.

"He's the cuddliest, most lovely cat we have and he's never attacked anyone before - its just Ian and his expensive aftershave."