05/03/2014 12:03 GMT | Updated 05/03/2014 12:59 GMT

Katie Hopkins Unwittingly Signs Her Own Gagging Order

It seems we can all breathe a sigh of relief - particularly those of us named Tyler and Chardonnay - as Katie Hopkins has officially signed her own gagging order.

The controversial 'Apprentice' contestant and professional rent-a-gob found herself the victim of a prank at the hands of Crowdwish, a website which grants wishes to its members.

katie hopkins

Katie Hopkins unwittingly signing her gagging order

One of their team approached Katie and asked her to sign an autograph, but what she didn't realise was she was actually signing a document committing her to "stop making controversial and asinine comments" and "accept that my 15 minutes of fame are over". Ouch.

The contract also called for an apology to both Lily Allen and Kelly Osbourne, who have both been the victims of Katie's acid tongue in the past.

katie hopkins

Katie's controversial opinions haven't won her any new celebrity fans recently, with Sharon Osbourne branding her "an embarrassment to all women" and Luisa Zissman coming to blows with her during Channel 5's 'The Big British Immigration Row'.

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