07/03/2014 19:05 GMT | Updated 08/03/2014 05:59 GMT

Davina McCall Discusses Her Sport Relief Challenge On Jonathan Ross: 'I Felt Traumatised'

Davina McCall has spoken about her recent Sport Relief challenge, admitting it left her 'traumatised'.

Earlier this year the British presenter took part in a challenge to cross the UK in seven days by cycling, swimming and running to raise money for the charity.

Davina McCall

Speaking about the event on 'The Jonathan Ross Show', she said: "I felt like I’d been traumatised. I couldn’t sleep because I kept getting mental pictures of what had happened during the day, before going on to add: "People keep going, ‘was it the worst thing you’ve ever done?’ It was the worst and the best all rolled into one.”

Davina also discussed the negative effect constant cycling had on her body, leading her to concoct what she dubbed 'fanny fudge'.

She explained: "We mixed some anaesthetic with some shammy cream and I plastered myself in that. I basically didn't have an undercarriage for the last four days. I was like, ‘Yeah, I can get on this bike, no problem. I can’t even feel it.’”

The 46-year-old also told Jonathan Ross how the extreme challenge impacted her relationship, including having to bypass Valentine's Day.

She said: "We finished on Valentine’s Day…I’m afraid we had to rain check Valentine’s Day. It was like, ‘No, I’m sorry.'”

'The Jonathan Ross Show' airs on Saturday at 9.20pm.

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