07/03/2014 12:51 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

How Much Chocolate Will Your Children Eat At Easter?

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How much chocolate will your children be gorging on this Easter?

Apparently the average British child will munch through a staggering £24 worth of chocolate!

Children will consume a whopping 1kg bag of sugar as a result of their choccie egg scoffing, according to research by Kennedy's Confection magazine.

It also revealed that most under-12s will get one £3 egg from their mum and dad, and then another SEVEN from family and friends!

Combined, all the chocolate will contain about 270 teaspoons of sugar, weighing in 1,344 grams. This amounts to a huge 12,000 calories (which, they add, would take a staggering 56 miles of running to burn of).

The mag's editor Angus Kennedy said the findings were 'worrying': 'Children are being given so much high-calorie food. For many, Easter has become nothing more than a chocolate gorging fest.'

What do you think?
Will your children be eating their way through EIGHT Easter eggs or will you be rationing their consumption?