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How To Lose Weight: 20 Foods To Make You Feel Fuller For Longer

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With 5:2 diet and intermittent fasting growing in popularity, where dieters have to limit calorie intake, it's important to know which food will leave you feeling full and which will leave you hungry for more.

Susanna Holt, PhD, has developed the Satiety Index, a ranking system to measure different food's ability to satisfy hunger pangs.

A 240 calorie serving of different foods from across all food groups was fed to study participants, who were asked to rate their hunger every fifteen minutes for the next two hours. After this time frame participants were allowed to eat as much as they wished.

Researchers ranked food using white bread as a baseline of 100%. Foods scoring higher than 100% are more satisfying than white bread, and those scoring under 100% were less satisfying.

We're pulled together the top 20 foods from the findings in the slideshow below.

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