11/03/2014 05:43 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

How To Make Mini Heart Cushions For Mother's Day

How to make mini heart cushions for Mother's Day

This is a great craft activity for children aged six and over who are just getting to grips with simple sewing and want to make a special little gift for mum on Mother's Day, or for a favourite friend.

Materials needed:

Two pieces of red or pink felt
Small pieces of contrasting coloured felt
One button
Small amount of wadding or stuffing material
Fabric glue or UHU glue
Sewing needle and thread

How to make mini heart cushions for Mother's Day


Start by cutting out two identical heart shapes from the red or pink felt. Set them aside to use later and start to make the coloured circle detail to go on the top.

Using the smaller pieces of felt, cut three or four circle shapes in concentric sizes so that they will fit inside each other. Stack them from largest to smallest and stick them together with a tiny dab of glue between each layer. This will help to keep them in place when sewing.

Place a button on top of the felt circles and then sew through the button and circles onto the top piece of heart shaped felt.

When it is securely attached, place the second heart shape underneath and pin it in the middle to keep them together. Sew a simple running stitch around the edges, leaving a little gap near the end. Use this gap to push in the stuffing material, then close the gap and sew it closed.

The heart pillow is complete! You could personalise this by cutting an initial from the felt instead of the circle details, or try adding pieces of ribbon or lace to make it even prettier.

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