12/03/2014 10:41 GMT | Updated 12/03/2014 10:59 GMT

10 Signs You've Taken Student Budgeting WAY Too Far

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All students know the basics when it comes to student budgeting: baked beans are a key feature of your diet, you always predrink to avoid paying extortionate prices in clubs, and charity shops are the best thing since sliced bread.

Your priority is letting off a little steam after a difficult week, and the bank of Mum and Dad provide you with booze money. I mean, money for food.

But what if you've spent too much on drinks and kebabs, and your parents are beginning to get suspicious of your constant need for cash? It may be time to rein in your spending habits, and actually take a trip to the supermarket for a non-alcohol related shop.

Value branded food fills your cupboard, you have to pass up nights out for an evening in with a film and chocolate, Bridget Jones style, and your laundry is done when the only clothes you have left are your pyjama top and a miniskirt.

But some of you manage to take the concept of student budgeting way too far - once you're washing your hair with washing up liquid, dropping food and brushing off the dirt before tucking in, and taping up your shoes, you've taken it a little too far.

Here are the ten signs that indicate you need to change your student scrimping style:

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