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National No Smoking Day: Ten Tips To Help You Quit Smoking

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SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - AUGUST 01: In this photo illustration a man smokes on August 1, 2013 in Sydney, Australia. In a plan announced today, the government will increase the excise on tobacco by 12.5 per cent annually over the next four years, raising over AUD$5 billion. The hike is estimated to increase the cost of cigarettes by AUD$5 by 2016, and is the first increase in the tobacco excise since 2010. (Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)

When you add up the health risks, cost, smell and endless hours spent shivering outside to have that sacred puff, it's a wonder people start smoking at all. But they do.

And while quitting may seem impossible, smokers now count for less than 20% of the British population for the first time in 80 years - so it is possible to quit.

And what better time to start than today on National No Smoking Day?

We spoke to e-cigarette brand Socialites to get some top ten holistic tips on giving up smoking and getting your health back on track.

Top 10 Holistic Tips to Help You Quit Smoking

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