How To Install A USB Wall Socket

How To Install A USB Wall Socket In 15 Minutes

As far as they go, plug sockets are fine. They work. You plug stuff in. It turns on.

But when 90% of your gadgets are powered by USB and not by normal plugs, you'd be forgiven for thinking there could be a better way. A more efficient way. A brighter world in which the USB sockets were right there in your wall and you didn't have to mess around with USB converters every day of your life.

That day is here.

Sharon Vaknin shows you how to install an outlet that includes two USB ports for charging your mobile devices in this video.

It's for a US audience, but the essential method is the same. Just make sure to follow all the safety precautions - messing around with your electricity infrastructure isn't generally recommended without training, or a death wish.

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