Pi Day March 14: Unfortunately Everything You Love About Pi Is Wrong

It's Pi Day, Pi Day, gotta get down on Pi Day. Everybody's look-ing for-ward to the weekend.

Unfortunately while it is true that March 14 - 3.14 - is known as Pi Day, and celebrated as such by maths nerds, internet dweebs and number freaks the world over, what's not true is that Pi is as interesting as you think it is.

At least not according to this YouTube user, who has compiled this amazing video about the downfalls of worshipping Pi.

Take a look. Meanwhile here are our favourite facts about PI - or they were, until we realised we'd been wrong to love it all these years.

  • There are 2 trillion decimal places of pi currently known, and counting
  • Chao Lu of China holds the record for memorising Pi, at 67,890 digits
  • The State Legislature of Indiana tried to set the value of Pi to be 3.2 back in 1897 and was only narrowly defeated
  • Albert Einstein was born on Pi Day
  • Write 3.14 on a piece of paper. Hold it up to a mirror. It spells PIE.
  • Pi is an irrational number and has no natural end, though it is not infinite being smaller than four and bigger than three

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