17/03/2014 10:47 GMT | Updated 17/03/2014 11:59 GMT

12 Of The Biggest Everyday Student Dilemmas

Seb Oliver via Getty Images

Maintaining a student lifestyle can be tough; juggling money, mates, sleep and uni can leave you with some difficult decisions.

Even the easiest of decisions are blown up into monumental, life-changing events. Do I get a takeaway or another drink? Should I spend my money on value vodka or fake tan? Do I swipe right to my seminar crush on Tinder?!

Student life revolves around the next student loan and next night out. Yes, students do want to learn but they also want to have fun. When you're paying £9000 a term, you need to make the most of the free time (ahem, private study time) you're given, as you probably won't get this many free hours again. This can result in every decision becoming an immense pressure and attending lectures can sometimes seem like the biggest dilemma of all.

Most of these #firstworldproblems revolve around money and laziness - two key issues. Students are constantly told decisions at university can profoundly change you as a person, they're part of growing up and character building, and so on.

But your most important issues - whether you should wear your killer heels tonight - probably isn't what they meant.

We can all relate to these dilemmas, (who doesn't freak over their poor budgeting skills?) and all have different ways of dealing with them, some descend into a Mariah-esque strop, others silently sob into their textbooks, but its best to remember how trivial these problems are.

Your mid-lecture "costa coffee is SHUT" crisis may seem like a big deal, but in the wider scheme of things, if dilemmas like these are your biggest issues, you're pretty lucky.

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