20 Things Only History Students Will Understand

20 Things Only History Students Will Understand
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History students are an interesting breed. Toeing the line between art and social science, these budding academics go crazy for anything which can be seen as the past - which is pretty much everything.

Observers (or history-shamers) often don't take it seriously, not understanding why you would want to learn about a load of old dead people to which many may heartily reply: "Those who control the present, control the past and those who control the past control the future", or, that old favourite: "Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

But is that really what they're all about? Surely they just love the smell of old books, the sauciness hidden amongst old language and events, the turbulent and intertwined relationships which can make studying history better than an episode of EastEnders.

You'll quickly find your niche interest and stick to it. "History of the powderpuff?!" they'll say, "surely, that's not a thing..." but you will smugly turn around and talk the talk about micro-history and how there are so many different aspects of history that they couldn't even hope to comprehend.

The classic student stereotype of history students is a woollen jumper-clad, floppy-haired and softly-spoken young individual who can usually be found trawling around the archival section of the library. One of these on your team will win you your local pub quiz.

Yes, there's a lot of reading, and writing, and referencing, but if you're accepted into this wonderful sect of history boffs there are just a few things you'll quickly get to grips with - things only those who study history can truly understand.

#1 JSTOR and Google Scholar are your saviour

20 Things Only History Students Will Understand

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