Parents' Perfect Lip Sync Of 'Love Is An Open Door': Now The Parodies Start (VIDEOS)

Sam Paul and his wife became internet stars this week when a video of them in their car perfectly lip syncing a song from 'Frozen' - while their daughter sat in the back, completely disinterested - went viral. (You can watch it above.)

And now? Now, the inevitable other versions of that video have arrived.

First up, it's twins Josh and Ben Goldfarb. "After seeing the "Good Looking Parents Sing..." video, my twin brother and I decided to make our own version with our mom judging silently from the back seat. Hope you enjoy!" writes Josh. And enjoy, we very much did...

And secondly: Eric Baker and his wife Emily, who raise the bar not by lip-syncing but by actually singing the song, brilliantly. "No lip-syncing, but we're also not as good-looking as those people, so..." explains Baker. "We were on our way to the movies on date night and did this before we went in. (Parked of course, safety first!) Please forgive the mistakes, this was just for fun!"

Of course we forgive you, Eric and Emily. Partly because we want you to be our New Best Friends.

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