Oculus Rift 2: Release Date, Price For New Dev Kit, But No Consumer Version In Sight

There's A New Oculus Rift, But It Comes With A Catch...

The good news? There's a new Oculus Rift!

The bad news? You still can't technically go out and buy one.

The Oculus Rift 2 has just been announced - and it's a huge leap over the previous development kit, with improved screens (960x1080 in each eye), a motion-tracking camera and a more comfortable form factor.

Available to pre-order right now for delivery in July, costing just $350, at first glance it seems like a great deal. Especially considering Sony's own "Project Morpheus" - which also looks impressive - doesn't have a release date or a price yet.

But there is a catch - and it's a biggie. The new Oculus Rift is still not the "consumer" version for which thousands have been clamouring since the tech was first announced on Kickstarter back in 2012. There are still few games available for the headset, and unless you're a real enthusiast you're probably going to want to stay clear.

Yes, there are more games all the time - and better tech demos and other uses of the VR experience, like movies. And yes, Valve has recently announced greater VR support. But it's still a long way off from a full, consumer-ready ecosystem.

Oculus adds that the headset is by no means done. The consumer version when it arrives will be another huge jump, Oculus VR says -- and if you only want to get on board when you can plug-in and play, we advise you to wait. And so do the people who want to sell you one:

"DK2 is not the Holodeck yet, but it’s a major step in the right direction."

"Virtual reality is going to continue to evolve rapidly in the coming years. There’s no cutting corners or ‘good enough’ when it comes to VR; the consumer Rift needs to be perfect and we’re dedicated to getting it right. We’re moving as fast as possible and promise it’ll be worth the wait.

The passion of the VR community is what has made all this possible, from the Kickstarter campaign to the hundreds of games and experiences we've seen so far. And this is still just the beginning."

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