Luisa Zissman Ditches Her Ferrari And Takes Helicopter Flying Lessons (PIC)

Luisa Zissman’s been busy adding to her CV - taking some time out from running her cupcake business to start a course of helicopter flying lessons.

The ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ star’s love of fast cars is well-documented but now Luisa’s stepping things up a gear and learning how to pilot a chopper.

Luisa dresses for the occasion in aviators and a neck scarf

Considering a new career path, Luisa?

After a shaky start - where Luisa kept her hands firmly over her face as the chopper took off - the former ‘Apprentice’ contestant slowly got the hang of things.

Luisa shared a super smiley snap via her Twitter account once she was back on the ground, writing: “I'm becoming a pilot! Just had my first lesson @FlyingPigHelis in Elstree loved it! Now to get studying....”

Luisa's first lesson went quite well

At least flying a helicopter solves one problem - there’s very little chance “jealous” haters can key it, as they did to Luisa’s Ferrari earlier this year.

Since leaving the ‘CBB’ house, Luisa and fellow housemate Dappy have been at the centre of a ‘are-they-aren’t-they?’ thanks to a bunch of mixed messages about the status of their flirty friendship.

To be honest, we’ve completely lost track and have absolutely no idea what the current status of their relationship is, but the last thing we heard was that Daps was penning a song for Luisa - Awww!

Luisa Zissman takes helicopter lessons

Luisa Zissman's Flying Lessons