Aroldis Chapman Shares Shocking Post-Surgery Photo (PICTURE)


Cincinnati Reds closer Aroldis Chapman was hit by a ferocious line drive last week and has revealed exactly what he is dealing with.

Chapman suffered facial fractures above his left eye and nose and underwent surgery on Thursday, where the fracture above his left eye was replaced while a metal plate was also placed above his eye.

Cuban Chapman posted a picture from his hospital bed on Instagram and said: "My people all is well and thank god we left all kinds of problems I'm here waiting to be discharged."

Chapman has been discharged from hospital and is in good spirits

The relief pitcher returned to the Reds' clubhouse on Sunday and was in good spirits.

"After watching the video many, many times, every time I see it I feel happy," Chapman told the LA Times. "This could have been something worse. The way I feel now, I have no pain right now.

"I put a picture on Instagram. So many people around contacted me to see how I was. I couldn't contact them all so I put out the picture to let them know how good I felt."

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