Jeremy Clarkson Causes Twitter Storm With Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 Comments, Piers Morgan Retaliates

Jeremy Clarkson has caused outrage on Twitter after sharing a picture of oxygen masks on a plane not long after it was announced that the Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 had likely crashed into the Indian Ocean leaving no survivors.

The 'Top Gear' presenter - who is no stranger to controversy - posted the snap of the emergency oxygen masks to his official Twitter page, along with the caption: "The oxygen masks have deployed. Goodbye everyone."

The offending photo posted on Jeremy's Twitter page

While some immediately branded the joke as tasteless, others gave him the benefit of the doubt, saying that if he really were aboard a plane he might not have heard the recent announcement about flight MH370.

Jeremy Clarkson

However, Jeremy remained unrelenting about his ill-timed joke, tweeting to someone:

Still unapologetic for his remarks, the presenter also hit back at one Twitter user who called him "pathetic", saying:

Needless to say, his long-running nemesis Piers Morgan has commented on the controversy, tweeting directly to Jeremy that he was "utterly shameful".

It didn't take long for him to fire back, warning Piers:

Since then the presenter has admitted that because he was on board a flight himself he hadn't actually heard the most recent announcement, though he did it in a typical Clarkson-esque fashion by tweeting:

This isn't the first time Jeremy Clarkson has been at the centre of a Twitter controversy in recent times, earlier this year a picture emerged of him asleep on a flight while a friend held up a sign calling him a "gay c**t", while 'Top Gear' co-presenter James May grinned in the background.

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