27/03/2014 08:52 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Alec Baldwin's Wife Is Obsessed With Yoga Selfies And It's Getting Really Weird

You probably didn't know that Hilaria Baldwin AKA Alec Baldwin's wife has the best Instagram account, but her obsession with documenting her yoga poses is getting out of hand.

Hilaria takes a picture of herself mid-yoga pose and shares it on Instagram every single day, proving that even when you live in Manhattan there really is no place where you can't squeeze in a cheeky chaturanga.

While we totally admire Hilaria for her, um, flexibility we feel sorry for the people around her. And this is why...

Is it just us, or do most of these postures look a little painful?

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Hilaria Baldwin Takes Daily Yoga Poses to the Extreme