Gran Canaria 'Plane Crash' Turns Out To Be A Shipping Vessel

Is it a bird, is it a plane? No, it's a boat.

It's not a great punchline, but it is an actual news story.

Spanish media reported that a plane had crashed two miles from the shore of Gran Canaria, with emergency services confirming that rescue teams had headed to the scene.

It was spotted off the coast of Jinámar Boca Barranco.

But it wasn't a plane, said the confused Spanish airports association AENA. It was, in fact, a shipping vessel.

The confusion was blamed on the very plane-like shape of a tug, which was towing another vessel.

Eyewitness pictures do seem to confirm the boat did look like a plane, despite not being one.

UK media reported the plane crash this afternoon, with the BBC sending out a breaking news alert.

But just moments later, the report was confirmed as false.

'Gran Canaria' became the top trending topic on Twitter within minutes.

The jokes were soon flying, unlike this boat.