Twitter Update: You Can Now Upload Four Photos, Tag 10 Users - But 'Retweets' Might Be For The Chop

Twitter has launched some cool new features - but it might be about to kill one of its most iconic.

The social network has unveiled a suite of new options for users, including posting up to four pictures at once.

It is also now possible to 'tag' up to ten users in a photo, without using any extra characters out of your allotted 140.

Twitter said it wanted to make "conversations around photos fun and easy".

Both the features work as follows - and are available from the new versions of the iPhone and Android app.

To tag users in pictures:

To upload four pictures at once:


Unfortunately, while with one hand Twitter is giving with another it is taking away. Or at least recklessly renaming stuff.

According to various reports the site is experimenting with renaming 'Retweet' as 'Share', in order to make the service more accessible to new users.

It won't change the functionality of the site, but it might slightly change one of its key terms. And in the end, isn't that the most important thing in the world? No? Oh, right, it isn't. Carry on.