Samsung Galaxy S5 Pre-Orders Start: Here Are The Best Deals

Pre-orders have started for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone.

A number of UK retailers including Vodafone and Carphone Warehouse have announced their initial S5 deals, at a variety of price points.

The Galaxy S5 looks set to become one of the best-selling smartphones of the year when it is released on 11 April.

The new device is water and dust resistant, with a slightly larger screen than last year's model, a new 16-megapixel camera and a heart-rate monitor. It will be launched alongside Samsung's impressive new range of wearable devices, including the curved-glass Gear Fit.

You can read our full hands-on preview of the new phone here.

Meanwhile here are some of the best deals unveiled so far:

Free on £42.month deal (Vodafone), or £79 on a £38 per month contract with Vodafone.

Free on a £47 per month Vodafone contract, or £49 on a £42.99 per month contract with EE, plus a free Galaxy Tab 3 and a £50 Google Play Store voucher.

Deals include £69 on a £38 per month contract, with 2GB of data instead of 1GB, or free on a £48 per month deal.

Get the S5 for £60 on a £38 per month plan and get a free return flight to Europe.

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