28/03/2014 06:38 GMT | Updated 28/03/2014 06:59 GMT

Michael Gove Performs 'Wham Rap!' Britain Reacts With Horror (VIDEO)

Tim Goode/EMPICS Entertainment
Education Secretary Michael Gove speaks to delegates during the Conservative Conference 2013, held at Manchester Central

Michael Gove has performed the Wham Rap. And professed a love for Public Enemy. And posed for a selfie with some poor, helpless schoolchildren.

As part of the BBC’s News School Report project, pupils were given the opportunity to interview Mr Gove, who revealed he was an improbable rap fan.

One girl asked the Tory politician: “You’ve recently said that you quite like rap music, so I was just wondering, could you give us a taster of your favourite rap?” and unwittingly prompted the Minister to perform the once-much-loved Wham! rap, ruining it for everyone, forever.

“The first rap I probably heard is one when I was younger was actually quite a vanilla rap, which was the Wham! rap, you know, with Andrew Ridgeley and George Michael.”

Yes Michael, we're sure the schoolchildren will know who Andrew Ridgeley is.


But the Education Minister then boldly rose to the challenge, rapping, in a hauntingly softly-spoken voice: “Hey everybody look at me, I’ve got street credibility. I may not have a job but I have a good time with the boys I meet down on the line.”

The incident prompted the nation to unite in true British form – with caustic sarcasm and hysterical overreaction.

The Guardian wryly noted: "While America has a fist-bumping president who duets with BB King, the UK has an education secretary who prefers to perform an early 80s 'vanilla rap' by Wham!"

The Independent took the criticism up a notch, stating "Gove appears to have launched an assault on anything that was once considered vaguely ‘cool.'"

The Sun's political team joyfully Tweeted: "Wake me up before you Go-Gove," while The Times simply said: "A new rap star is born."

Others took to Twitter to voice their horror:

Feedback on YouTube was also less-than-favourable: