01/04/2014 13:31 BST | Updated 01/04/2014 13:59 BST

McBusted WILL Record An Album - 'McFly And Busted To Record Music Together After Tour' Says Harry Judd

McBusted are to record an album together when their UK tour is over, according to drummer Harry Judd.

The supergroup - consisting of McFly and two of the three members of Busted - announced in 2013 that they were hitting the road together, and their 35-date UK tour kicks off later this month.

McFly drummer Harry Judd has now revealed that the two bands are to join forces and release an album together when their tour is over, telling Capital Radio: "It will happen after the tour. We'll be writing on the road and hopefully soon after the tour we'll get in the studio."

The six members of McBusted

Harry added that the group were hoping to have recorded material sooner, but their busy schedules wouldn't allow it, explaining: "We've had no time because of Tom having his baby, the tour rehearsals and Matt's filming bits on 'EastEnders'. Everyone has been so busy."

Meanwhile, he also gave fans a taste of what they could expect on tour, saying: "The plan is basically just to go nuts on stage. We're not here to do something slow and dull. I imagine our album will be much the same thing!"

Charlie Simpson, one of the original members of Busted who quit the group in 2005, declined to take part in the group's reunion, though members of the band have said they'd be happy for him to rejoin the band if he changed his mind.

James Bourne previously told 'The Jonathan Ross Show': "We all like Charlie, we don't have a problem with Charlie and I think we'd like him to come back. It's up to him."

McBusted's tour kicks off in Glasgow on 17 April.

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