Surviving Teenagers: Why Teenagers Are Like Cats


Teenagers are like cats, according to a new survey*, because:

1. They are largely nocturnal

3. ...and spend hours stretching and yawning when they wake up

4. They demand food constantly and are very particular about they eat

5. They perform incredible physical feats without thinking about the danger

6. They show their claws if you annoy them

7. When they're in the mood, they demand entertainment, but...

8. ...when they're not in the mood, they want to be left alone

9. They spend hours staring out of the window

10. They wake you up at odd hours of the night

11. They ignore the house rules (all of them)

12. They never tell you where they're going

13. They always hog the most comfortable chair in the living room (and cover it with bits of mud and fluff)

14. They get themselves into impossible situations and then pretend it was exactly what they intended in the first place

15. They leave scratch marks on tables, chairs and floors

16. They rarely wash at regular times

17. They stand in front of the telly making a lot of noise when you're trying to watch Downton Abbey

18. They won't take no for an answer

19. They are incredibly good at giving you dirty looks

20. But however annoying they are, you love them to bits

* completely random and unscientific (and any parent of a teenager who disagreed with the basic theory was immediately disqualified)