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‘Made In Chelsea' Season 7: Lucy Watson Reveals What To Expect In Season Premiere

Lucy Watson has been teasing fans ahead of tonight’s new ‘Made In Chelsea’, spilling the beans on what we can expect when the season 7 premiere airs.

Lucy has revealed that things get off to shaky start for everyone’s fave ‘MIC’ couple, Alex Mytton and Binky Felstead.

lucy watson

Lucy Watson

“The first episode - we learn about Alex cheating on Binky and that's shocking to hear because obviously we're all big fans of Alex,” she told Heatworld. “Binky's one of my best friends and I'm very protective of her.”

Lucy, who’s had her own fair share of cheating dramas on the show, still insists she’ll always be honest with her pals if she finds out their boyfriends have done the dirty.

“I would go straight to my friends [if I found out their boyfriend had cheated], completely. There's no reason why you shouldn't,” she explains. “I would want a friend to do the same with me if they knew about it and I didn't."


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Series 7: Meet The Cast Ahead Of New Season Premiere

Straight-talking Lucy has no plans to become friends with ‘MIC’ cast mate Victoria Baker-Harber, who she’s had numerous spats with in the past, telling Heatworld that she’s been “avoiding” her co-star.

Somehow, we doubt she’ll manage to dodge her for long.

"I don't care about the girl... I tend to avoid her,” she said. “I don't like being around negative people and bringing that into my life.”

Lucy has previously spoken out about how tough it can be working with her exes on the show, labeling the experience "excruciating". Ouch!

‘Made In Chelsea’ series 7 kicks off tonight (Monday 7 April) at 10pm on E4.

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